DDPYOGA Pre-Start Day 1: Goal Setting

Hey. I’m Craig. I’m a 32 year old IT guy from New Jersey.

Goals: Increased Flexibility. Weight Loss.



An Introduction

Hey, internet. I’m Craig. 🙂

I’m a 29yr old IT tech for a library system, a hockey nut, and I know more about pop culture than a guy my age probably should. But this blog isn’t so much about my personal life — just one very large part of it.

I was nearly 350lbs when I graduated high school in 1999. I grew further in the next few years and hit 380 before the threat of diabetes finally put fear into me. Over the following several years, I lost weight very slowly, and eventually got all the way down to 230lbs where I am today.

That’s 150lbs down. My waistline shrunk from 62” to 38”.

Thanks to Reddit’s 90-Day Challenge I’ve decided to make my goals more public, more official, and finally get myself into the sort of shape I want to be. Yeah, I’m not done yet.

Even typing this makes me nervous.

Losing weight was a huge accomplishment, but it doesn’t fix my fitness level. I’ve never done a pullup in my life. This summer was the first time I could run a single mile without stopping.

Imagine loving that you lost your first 100lbs, then sighing when you realize you can’t do a standard pushup!

It’s time to finally stop sitting on “I lost weight”, and start taking myself to the next level.

You’ll see more concrete goals coming tomorrow, when I’ve weighed in and done more updated measurements.